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Frequently Asked Questions about Leukemia

  1. After being diagnosed with Leukemia, people treat me differently, what should I do and why does this happen?

This is a perfectly normal thing to happen as people don’t know how to react and what to say, and feel they cannot be that much help, or to some extent feel uncomfortable in how to handle it, hence the different treatment. What matters is how your attitude towards healing and getting better is, rather than what others are doing.

2. Even after treatment is over, I am always tired and feeling low, is this normal?

Treatments used are very intense and this can happen as the body is renewing itself and getting back into the right gear. Allow yourself time to heal, even if cell count is healthy, the repair work being done needs some time and good nutrition, organically and emotionally.

3. Can Leukemia be passed on via blood or contact?

No, so far this has never happened and according to the latest research, this cannot be passed onto another via contact.