Is the Taoist Soap Effective for Hair Growth? – Oriental Medical Research

Is the Taoist Soap Effective for Hair Growth? – Oriental Medical Research

There are a lot of first hand reviews of the Taoist soap, and after getting a lot of emails enquiring about its efficacy on hair treatment, for cancer and non-cancer patients, we decided to write this post about this topic, as it seems to be of importance in supporting some patients. Some reviews are even posted on facebook.

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The Taoist soap was created from using oriental medical research as well as western medical research, both being evidence based in this case – and have come to the following conclusion about using the soap.

Let’s start with non-cancer patients who are not undergoing any form of radiation treatment – is the Taoist soap effective for helping hair growth?

From the research, it does seem to positively show results in many patients – but from various meetings with OMD’s (oriental medical doctors), we have concluded that whilst this is an effective tool for helping hair thinning conditions, an overall regime must be developed to get the best out of this – an example below will explain why this is the case:

In a situation where the patient has a liver toxicity which is high, this would mean the liver is not functioning at its best, and this also means that hormones like testosterone, including DHT and other hormones, also do not get processed by the liver when they have done their job – this means an excess amount of hormone can be found “stuck” in the liver – causing a hormone imbalance, which can directly affect hair growth and thinning in the scalp – whilst using the Taoist soap will help local inflammation in the scalp, and therefore help hair growth rate, it will still require that the patient take care of the toxicity levels in  the liver, by taking supplements and changing diet lifestyle – a good supplement that helps the liver is stinging nettle leaf extract.

As you can see with the above example – the soap can be effective, however, the patient needs to learn about other aspects of their health in order to fully treat something like this using natural methods.

Currently – there are drugs that people can use, internal or external application – which are mildly effective, but have very high rate of side effects, and over time, the results are lost – so statistically, you can get benefit from them, but in the long term, these results also diminish for many users (despite them needing to take the drugs for long term or life).

Taoist Soap for Cancer Patients Use

Whilst the Taoist soap can be a powerful tool for helping hair growth in non-cancer patients, especially when a regime is designed to counteract any hormonal problems, cancer patients will need to use higher rate of antioxidants to counter the effect of the radiation.  This is because we are not dealing with just inflammation, it is radiation too – and the use of Vitamin E oils, applied on the scalp after washing, will prevent the loss of hair during chemotherapy – the oil should remain on the scalp throughout to avoid damage to the follicles (so wash, and reapply after 12-24 hours).

This should help a large number of patients who try this method.