Is the Taoist Soap Effective for Hair Growth? – Oriental Medical Research

Is the Taoist Soap Effective for Hair Growth? – Oriental Medical Research

There are a lot of first hand reviews of the Taoist soap, and after getting a lot of emails enquiring about its efficacy on hair treatment, for cancer and non-cancer patients, we decided to write this post about this topic, as it seems to be of importance in supporting some patients. Some reviews are even posted on facebook.

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The Taoist soap was created from using oriental medical research as well as western medical research, both being evidence based in this case – and have come to the following conclusion about using the soap.

Let’s start with non-cancer patients who are not undergoing any form of radiation treatment – is the Taoist soap effective for helping hair growth?

As cancer is very complicated in terms of treatment – this question in itself is not currently a good question – we have gotten questions like this asked, and hence we have written this blog post – however it is best to get advice from your medical practitioner.


Taoist Soap for Cancer Patients Use 

Whilst the Taoist soap can be a great tool for skin and scalp, especially when a holistic regime is designed, cancer patients will need to use higher rate of antioxidants to counter the effect of the radiation.  This is because we are not dealing with just inflammation, it is radiation too – and the use of Vitamin E oils, applied on the scalp after washing, will prevent the loss of hair during chemotherapy – the oil should remain on the scalp throughout to avoid damage to the follicles (so wash, and reapply after 12-24 hours).

This should help a large number of patients who try this method (Vitamin E oil). Taoist soap is not intended for use with such conditions in mind, however it is a gentle soap, fragrance free and using non-gmo ingredients.