How to Thicken Hair – Evidence Based Research Report

How to Thicken Hair – Evidence Based Research Report

There has been a lot of research put into ways on how to thicken hair; using natural methods, pharmaceutical medicine and even commercial products, in hopes of getting results.

This research report is posted for helping people suffering from hair loss (men and women) – even those going through cancer treatment, who can help maintain their hair or help regrow their hair – this is applicable for all – genetic and environmental based hair loss and teaching them on how to naturally thicken hair.

Genetic related hair thinning is one of the most common – and we feel it is important to include this in this document, because there is a lot of misunderstanding about genetics and hair growth.

People often understand that if you are pre-determined to have hair loss, especially as a man – you will have no way to resolve or delay your hair loss – and the only way is certain pharmaceutical drugs – this itself is not accurate.

Genetics do place a limit on our body – however environment and intake and actual lifestyle of person, changes the genetics outcome (often called expression, or RNA, the expression of the gene) and how the gene will respond – what this means is, if you increase something like better quality nutrition, you will get a different result, than someone with the same genetics not attentive to nutritional level of his/her body.

This is a big factor – and must be understood – and another equally big factor – is, what is the right nutrition for hair – and maintaining or helping hair growth? Many people think of vegetables – but they don’t understand that nutritional density has decreased hugely (worldwide), even in organic farming – and supplements are required to counteract and replace it (without negative side-effects).

There is a lot you can do to change the environment of the hair and hair follicle which can thicken hair growth.

Taoist Soap: This soap was used as a skin product at first; often used for skin conditions like psoriasis and similar conditions to help – this also works on topical scalp application for hair and keeping hair healthy. A simple google search will show you how to get hold of some – as a foundation, we rarely support commercial products, and often provide other methods of treatment, unless they really help the patient, such as this specific case. It is always recommended to follow a regime to maintain hair, no one ingredient or methodology is ever enough (pharmaceutical or natural) – similar to the concept of losing weight, you cannot just diet (although it will help), but exercises combined with proper diet will reach the goal of weight loss much faster.

Vitamin E Oil: This is another topical product that can be applied for helping keep the hair you already have and prevents oxidation – make sure to wash after 8 hours and re-apply – especially useful for chemotherapy patients who want to keep their hair.

Other Oils: There are other oils you can use for helping hair growth. This include Immortal’s oil for helping new hair growth, when used in small amounts daily, with a 10-20 minute scalp massage on the whole scalp, even back of the head massage.

In a medium article, titled “How to Stop Hair Fall” explains other methods useful for helping stop further hair thinning, preventing even thinner hair.

You can take the perfect supplements, and be on the perfect diet and exercise regime, and even take anti-inflammatory products like the above mentioned Taoist soap – but you still need to make sure your hormones are balanced – this includes, testosterone, insulin and everything in between – yes, insulin is a hormone too (many often forget it is).

You cannot have any result, if this basic factor is not fixed – and from our first hand research – we have found that hormone imbalance is the biggest cause in speed of hair thinning, and triggering of the hair loss gene (like male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness etc).

You don’t need to actually do a hormone balance test (blood test) to figure this out (you can if you want to)- if you have hair thinning, you likely have a hormone imbalance; 92% of the population in the modern world have some kind hormone imbalance.

How do you balance your hormones?

To balance your hormones, the fastest most effective way is to go on a strict diet of lean protein (beef) for a certain period of time. For serious cases, maximum of 2 years of this diet – for less severe cases, 3-6 months of this diet can fix this problem – not only that, will increase nutrition absorption by a lot, if done for a long enough period – this is a medical diet, and is not meant to be a permanent lifestyle.

The diet consists of the follows in order of priority:

  • Lean Beef with leafy greens (all leafy greens)
  • Lamb, Chicken and all lean meat (beef always is priority however)
  • Egg whites are allowed for less serious patients
  • Sweet replacements are not allowed – even the taste of sweet, is not allowed, including fruits

This is a very tough diet to be on – however, after 2 weeks of doing the diet, your body resets and is able to handle it without any problems.

If you suffer from low blood sugar – it is even more important to go on this diet – as this will help rejuvenate the pancreas, and when enough time has passed on the diet, will allow it to function better and release a more balanced insulin – not only that, you will absorb more nutrition as this is fixed – and also loose more weight naturally.

This diet will also help restore a good balance of testosterone in the body – but if you are a kidney transplant patient, or similar, please consult with your doctor before starting to be sure it is suitable for you at that point in time – whilst we have had patients who have been on this diet, from diabetic patients to others, Kidney patients need to take extra precaution when increasing protein, as this can be taxing on the kidneys – whilst this is not a bad thing, it needs to be done very gradually.

Please note that it is vital to understand that only protein means only protein (consumption wise) – meaning beef based, not chicken – this also means no carbohydrates, sugar or fat – no nuts, no fruits or anything else, only what we have listed above, with lean beef as a priority – this diet alone will help hair growth and prevent further hair thinning.