Hollis Brownstein Research Grants

Hollis Brownstein Research Grants

The Hollis Brownstein Research grants are grants that are for individual scientists who want to establish their own labs. It is usually difficult for these to get funding at this point and usually need grants for such purposes.

Although the Research Blog (UK) does not provide these grants for now – The Hollis Brownstein Research Grants, provided by AllBloodCancers.org is where such researchers can get their grants – and if they qualify, will be eligible as it is not limited to US residents as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

It is important at this point to distinguish that the Research Blog UK is a different organization than the Leukemia Research Foundation in the U.S (allbloodcancers.org) – please visit their website for any donations.

These research grants are based on western medical factors – and do not support grants for anyone researching within eastern medicine and methods of treatment of cancer within that.


How are these research grants distributed?

The way Leukemia Research Foundation’s grants (allbloodcancers.org) are distributed is made by the Medical Advisory board who are independent board with individuals with Ph.D’s and M.D’s in cancer.


It is up to the Medical board to decide how they will judge each application – and these are only available once a year, for up to $100,000 the last time we checked their website – this may change so please confirm this before application.

Limitations of the Hollis Brownstein Grant

There are some limitations to this grant as already explained:

  • They do not provide research grants for eastern medical viewpoint – so this will not be feasible unless they change this aspect of it – eastern medicine is now the fastest growing medical tool in the world, and we have yet to touch the way it is understood by many scientists.

Benefits of the Research Grant

  • Applications are looked at from all over the world
  • Up to $100,000 in Grant as of 2018

It is worth submitting your application for this directly by contacting allbloodcancers.org.


The research grants are distributed based on expert recommendations on several criteria including the following below:


  • Innovation of the research
  • Usefulness of findings for future research in blood cancers
  • Helpfulness in treatment and diagnosis of leukemia and other blood cancers
  • Ability and competence of the applicants