Clinical Trials

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Clinical trials are research studies designed to assess new medical treatments, devices and strategies. They help determine the effectiveness and safety of a new drug or treatment and usually consist of 4 phases of testing before it can be accepted and licensed as a standard form of treatment.

Participating in clinical trials carries a degree of uncertainty, as with any treatment, there are always risks and benefits. You can take part in medical treatments which are not yet widely available and should they be effective, you may be among the first to benefit. These trials are also vital for the process of improving medical care so it can benefits others too. In fact 60% of children under 15 participate in clinical which is one reason why survival rates for childhood cancer have increased over the past decades.

We encourage you to research your options with the help your doctor to decide if clinical trials are right for you. We have provided links below for a more detailed explanation of clinical trials and FAQs as well as important information if you are considering applying.

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