Best Acupuncture in London for Patients who are Serious about Results

Best Acupuncture in London for Patients who are Serious about Results

As you know, acupuncture is a huge subject, with dozens of systems within it – what works best for what condition? how would you know what is the best acupuncture available in London?

Acupuncture has many systems, and the most common is the one we are very familiar with today – for back aches and pains of that sort – but did you know, that this system was only taught to common folk, as an urgent medical system for China – as they had a rising need for doctors, but the public did not have enough doctors so they gave 6 month training to doctors who were called Barefoot Doctors, who also studied acupuncture on a very basic level.

This basic level is the only acupuncture that is mostly available today – but the advanced acupuncture, that the acupuncture masters taught, and only taught onto students who dedicated their lives to it, was never openly taught until recently – this is not due to secrecy as much, but the fact there are very few who dedicate their lives to an art and a science – you can see that in every field, not just acupuncture, but sports and other fields, where only a few have the know-how and the rest follow.

Here at the Leukemia Research Foundation, we like to acknowledge the lack of understanding which eastern medicine provided our research – and this is the reason for this review article to introduce acupuncture to patients who are seeking support.

The Clinic can deal with problems your average acupuncturist has not been able to deal with, nor be able to explain the reason why it is occurring – they have trained many western doctors in organ failure problems, and how to deal with a situation when it occurs – although they do not currently specialize in urgent medical conditions, but they are the best clinic to go to, which you can carry on your western medical treatments alongside with acupuncture treatments (depending on each case, of course).

Where is the Clinic Located?

The London branch exist in central london, harley street, as well as greater London in Surrey – please see their website for the latest updated addresses and to book an appointment.

The charges vary on location, so please enquire via email relating to the latest charges for new patients. They are not the lowest prices, but they are worth it for what you are getting; overall value for money.

Pretty much everything is different – needling style, method, reason of needling a certain point is completely different – it still covers the basic acupuncture within the system – not only that, but has a unique diagnosis system which is unique because it is a direct diagnosis, the most accurate than any system in existence today.

Does the Clinic use any Herbs for treatments?

It depends on each case, but yes, the system covers advanced herbology and advanced diagnosis as well as using modern medicine.

The reason why we had to write up a post about this, is because we have been telling our patients about acupuncture, but we noticed that all acupuncturists aren’t the same – it varies on an individual case, and their background knowledge on acupuncture systems, and what systems they studied – and unfortunately the systems that are popular aren’t useful for more serious conditions, or prolonged conditions that get better after treatment, but arrive again the next.

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