Acupuncture Courses in London

Acupuncture Courses in London

There are a lot of Acupuncture courses in London to choose from, but only a few actually cover in enough detail, to result in a successful clinic and income (due to successful treatments). This guide is dedicated to becoming an acupuncture practitioner in the UK, starting from choosing the right courses, getting a location of your clinic, and getting your first patients.

From research on the best acupuncture courses in London, including short acupuncture courses, from 6 month acupuncture courses to degree level acupuncture courses, we have found a list of complete courses which cover all the quality factors which determine on how successful you will be upon completion of your course – they are listed from shortest acupuncture courses available, to longer duration courses:

1. Short Acupuncture Courses London – 6 month Acupuncture Courses

Currently a fast yet convenient course to start for anyone – this course is taught in a modular format – and can be started anytime in the year, on a monthly basis – you get started right from clinical experience (observation) and treating patients when ready.

The advantages of this course is that it can be converted into a diploma if enough modules are covered, and then even to a degree – you get to cover various conditions throughout your clinic experience and is taught by one of the best acupuncture practitioners in the world.

You can apply for this course at their event page, called Acupuncture courses in London.


2. Degree Acupuncture Courses in London

The next best thing is to get a degree – and the course linked to above, is the same, except you simply tell them you intend to do a full degree.

The degree is an accredited degree, which is valid internationally, and is a 3 year course with monthly classes, and work given in-between. Testing is done through examination, as well as practical, just like with the 6 month acupuncture course above.


Acupuncture Regulation in London

There are a few things to be aware of when starting out with acupuncture – although there are very basic laws in place for acupuncture regulation, there isn’t a single regulatory body for this, which means there are many types of acupuncture regulatory body’s out there, depending on the form of acupuncture you will learn and practice.

The course above also provides a registration to a British acupuncture regulatory body.


Acupuncture Insurance whilst you study

Acupuncture insurance is something often needed to practice and study acupuncture – it does not cost a lot, often a few pounds per month or annual fee is given. For the Acupuncture courses above, in London, you do not need to sign up to this.